TCT BUILDING SOLUTIONS - Proudly Serving California and Georgia
Our Guarantee:
We are often asked, How willTCT Building Solutions be different than any of the other janitorial services we've hired in the past who have all promised great things but never lived up to expectations. Or, who started out great but the quality of the service quickly declined as the months went by. The answer is simple. Our professional management procedures are unlike any other in the industry.
 AtTCT Building Solutions our belief is that with proper management and supervision a customer is guaranteed thorough and consistent service. TCT Building Solutions has one of its quality control personnel supervise and inspect the cleaning procedures of the cleaning crew assigned to your facility WEEKLY to ensure thorough and consistent quality, never letting the quality of the service go down. We also send one of our management personnel to each customer account a minimum of once per month to speak with the contact person to encourage feedback on the quality of service they are receiving and where we can improve. This commitment to each customer is placed in EVERY contract we sign.
 Another industry first is that all of our services are 100%guaranteed. We are so confident in the service we provide that if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the service you receive, YOU WILL NOT BE BILLED. No other company out there can say that.
guaranteed janitorial service