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Our Professional Management is a World Apart:
Employee Recruitment and Retention:
Employee turnover is an industry wide concern, but a manageable one. Combating this problem starts with the hiring process. It is our goal to provide your facility with dependable and trustworthy people who take pride and responsibility in the work they perform. The sole responsibility of our human resource department is to ensure that we attract, screen and hire the most qualified persons. We understand you are entrusting your facility to us. Therefore, we guarantee to take every measure to hire the highest caliber employee possible.
Employee Training:
We use a training program designed to train and equip our personnel with the knowledge and ability needed to most effectively clean your facility. Our training program incorporates a combination of cleaning methods in conjunction with specific training objectives. Our employee training program encompasses all aspects of OSHA and Joint Commission Standards.
Performance Management:
Each employees performance is evaluated and scored on a monthly basis. Factors such as inspection scores, customer reviews and comments, attendance and number of customer complaints are evaluated and assigned an overall score. Employees who maintain a certain score receive performance incentive bonuses bi-monthly for their efforts. These performance bonuses provide extra incentive for our employees to always provide customers with the best service possible.
Is your present level of cleaning disappointing ?
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Lack of Professional Management could be the problem
Infrequent on-site supervision.
Absence of professional quality control procedures and inspections.
Inconsistent service levels caused by high turnover and untrained workers.
Breakdown in communication for customer service requests.
Choose a company with proven Management and Quality control procedures guaranteed to provide you with the best service possible.
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