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Restaurant & Retail
Customers quickly judge the quality of your products, services, and brand by the appearance and smell of your facility, especially your restrooms. Attention to detail is essential.
Restroom cleaning for retail and restaurants The Relationship between Brand Experience and Cleaning
Customer-Facing environments provide a host of surfaces where illness causing germs can linger,increasing the risk of transmission to the next employee or customer who touches them.Identifying and properly cleaning these high-contaminate areas through an aseptic cleaning program provides a safer environment for customers, while also helping to reduce workplace illness and employee absenteeism.
How Restaurant & Retail Businesses are Cleaned
Studies show that using an effective surface cleaning disinfecting protocol can reduce absenteeism in an organization by 50%- good news to restaurant and retail facilities where scheduling and staffing are critically important to daily operation.
Aseptic cleaning is the combination of using the right techniques and the correct tools to remove germs. TCT Building Solutions uses a color coding system for surface cleaning, which is 99% more effective than traditional cleaning procedures. Our color coding system reduces cross contamination from one facility area to the next.
TCT Building Solutions specializes in restaurant cleaningAnother important tool in our cleaning program is the use of multi-filtration, HEPA backpack vacuums that are 70% more productive as compared to traditional push vacuums.They also improve indoor air quality by filtering dust, dirt, allergens and germs down to 0.3 microns.