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Education & Daycare
Schools and daycare facilities are home to millions of different germs. TCT Building Solutions cleaning program helps keep faculty and students safe.
Why Schools and Daycares need a  Higher Level of Clean
Recent studies conducted by the University of Arizona in a K-12 school system found that the germiest place at a school is the cafeteria table. In addition to the cafeteria table, the most contaminated sites in schools and daycares include:
  • The computer mouse which harbored nearly twice as many bacteria than desktops
  • The bathroom paper towel handle
  • Water fountains
  • Bathroom sink faucets
  • Computer keyboards
Complete commercial claening for schools and daycare facilities
Other facts you should know:
  • Children under age two put something in their mouths 81 times per hour; 42 times for ages two to five
  • 80% of germs are spread through contact with a contaminated surface such as a table, doorknob or other common item
  • Flu virus can survive on surfaces up to 72 hours; viruses that cause diarrhea last two to four months; MRSA for several months
How Schools and Daycares are Cleaned
backpack vacuums, school & daycare cleaning, commercial cleaningSchools and daycare facilities require aseptic cleaning to disinfect hot spots such as desktops, doorknobs, and other high touch areas that are accessed and shared by many students. Microfiber cleaning cloths are superior to other fabrics or disposable paper, proving to be 99% more effective at capturing and removing bacteria and soils from surfaces.
Another important tool in a hygienic cleaning program is the use of multi-filtration, HEPA backpack vacuums that are 70% more productive as compared to traditional push vacuums. They also improve indoor air quality by filtering dust, dirt, allergens and germs down to 0.3 microns.
Mopping for a Clean and Healthy Facility
Have you ever watched a janitor slop around a smelly old string mop on a dirty floor then dip it back into a bucket of dirty water? Its quite a turn off, especially when you realize the same bucket of dirty water goes from room to room through out your facility. Even worse the janitor might dip a rag into the bucket and wipe your desk with that dirty water. Nobody wants dirty bathroom germs spread to their offices, kitchens, and desks.
The mopping style of old school janitorial cleaning doesn't clean floors- it just smears germs, dirt and grime around.
We've tested countless mopping methods and found the best way to get the floors truly clean is using a no-dip flat mopping system and trolley bucket that dispenses fresh hospital grade cleaning solution precisely where needed. That way the mop is never dipped into dirty water.
commercial floor care system, mopping, commercial cleaningThe combination of hospital grade chemistry plus a no-dip system kills germs and removes them, virtually eliminating the spread of germs from area to area. The result is floors that are truly clean.
TCT BUILDING SOLUTIONS will walk through your facility to identify hot spots and customize a cleaning schedule based on your needs and budget. We will ask good questions to understand what is the most important to you so that the cleaning consistently meets your expectations.
Services are delivered by trained and certified technicians who get to know your cleaning needs and your facility. With our cleaning system , your facility will not only look clean and smell clean, it will actually be a cleaner, healthier place to work, learn and play.