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Things to Consider when selecting a janitorial service
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Cleaning Checklist

This checklist is very important when shopping for a quality cleaning service. Looking for a quality cleaning service can be a little confusing . You may not be sure what needs to be done and how much you should pay. What if you have special requests?
The first question you should ask yourself is, What's most important to me about my cleaning program?
Below are some important things to look for:
  • Clean Restrooms
  • Dependable customer support- You should know you can rely on someone to answer your phone call or email when you have a concern.

Healthy Schools

In your daycare or school, the odds are a million to one. That's millions of germs versus each one of your students, teachers and visitors. Think about the millions of  germs that can lead to sniffles, sneezes, coughs, and sore throats.
Its you against them. The germs quickly multiply and spread  through your facility, traveling from a sneeze to a hand, to a desktop, to another person's hand and then to their eyes, nose or mouth.
Kids are notorious for putting objects into their mouths.

Things to Consider when selecting a janitorial service

Three Things To LookFor When Selecting A Janitorial Service
Guaranteed Service:Make sure when selecting a janitorial service they offer a full guarantee. Its always nice to know that you're not on the hook if the company you have chosen doesn't work out. With a money back guarantee, if you're not happy,you don't pay.
At TCT Building Solutions we offer a full guarantee on all of our services.If you are not completely satisfied with the service you receive,you will not be billed.

The Magic of Microfiber

Are Janitors high tech? You might think so, but professional cleaning is a science. One of the more exciting developements has been the introduction of microfiber in professional cleaning.
Microfiber has become a superstar of the professional cleanining world for good reason.Here are three ways cleaning with microfibe is magical.
  1. Banish bacteria:Alot of germs and gunk can spread around from area to area when traditional janitors use the same plain cotton rag to clean the bathroom, the breakroom, and your desk.